SOUR release new single ‘Waiting For You’ alongside video

A quirky pop duo renowned for their unique sound have dropped an anthemic new single today alongside an official music video.

Glistening two-piece, Sour, comprised of vocalist Connar Ridd and bassist John Downham, have followed-up previous offering ‘Separate Ways’, and it’s subsequent Wideboys remix, with the release of ‘Waiting For You’. 

Brimming with shimmering synths, captivating vocal melodies and mind boggling bass combinations, ‘Waiting For You’ masterfully draws you in to a space filled with a mesmerising sense of sonic suspense, before sucker punching you with a surprising and emotive chorus. 

Artwork for ‘Waiting For You’

Lyrically wordsmith Connar relatably touches on the addictive, and at times damaging, type of love that can you see you forever going back for another hit, even though you know you shouldn’t. 

Speaking about the track, lead singer Connar said: ‘’It’s about that once in a life time feeling. The gravitational pull between two people like an addiction and that addiction is so vulnerable because to feel it you have to offer all of you. 

‘’It’s a stubborn and impatient declaration of love, it’s screaming ‘no matter what you could possibly do to me, no matter how you could hurt me, I will wait for you’. ‘’I wanted to get across the underlying feeling or f hopelessness and self-destruction too. ‘’It’s like having blurred vision whilst blindly walking forward. You can’t see yet you don’t care because what you feel is more important, it’s disregarding everything you know for someone.”

Watch the video now: 

Waiting For You’ is our now on Are You Ready Records. 

Words: George Henry King