[ALBUM REVIEW] Only Shadows - Brothers

I've been looking forwards to this for a long long time, but finally it's time to delve into Only Shadow's debut album. With the band being at a crossroads at the moment this is certainly going to give their fans that slice of pure joy that they've been yearning for.

"Keep Strong" opens up proceedings as an out and out anthem, which really sets up the whole album perfectly. There seems to be a slight 80's influence on the album with some nods towards classic artists like Bruce Springsteen and to some extents INXS, but without forgetting some of the more recent bands who have heavily influenced them like Bloc Party, Biffy Clyro and even The Hunna.

"Fight Milk" and "Stay Close" are two tracks that have been re-recorded for this first LP, and they sound just as crisp as ever, with some slight mixing tweeks they sound as polished as the very best Indie anthems of the past 10 years. There's something that I use to hate about bands re-recording tracks, but here it has turned out to be a stroke of genius.

Next on the highlights reel is the absolute belter of "Coulder Shoulder", which again has been given a little re-work for their album, but even though I've played this track (far too many times) a lot, it's still fresh and sitting in at track 10 of the album really anchors down what is already turning out to be one of my favourite tracks of 2019.

There's something with "Be Still" I personally love, is it the fact that it's an early track? Maybe, but with warmer guitars than before, smoother vocals than ever they've got a real sing-a-long track for that inevitable time in their career when they'll be packing out the big venues. 

The slower tracks such as "I Will Rise Again" and "Coming Home" show off how tender the quartet can be, and might even give an insight to their future releases (as they were some of the last tunes finished for the LP). But still, they sound like Only Shadows, but if they listened to a lot of early Coldplay and Kings of Leon.

"Get Well Soon" closes the album out, and quite perfectly if I may add. It's got soaring vocals that you can't help but chant back, screaming guitars in perfect quantities and a backline that really compliments the lead vocals. If anyone think that this album was worth the wait, absolutely, it's fresh, shows off their desire to be one of the best new bands in the UK and really highlights how far a band can push themselves without a label. Only Shadows WILL go far, mark my words. This is just the beginning.

Only Shadows - Brothers
Out of 10: 9/10