JAWS unveil video for "End Of The World" directed by Brooklyn Beckham

Following the release of their critically acclaimed new album "The Ceiling" the trio have now teamed up with Brooklyn Beckham for his directorial debut for a new video for the album track "End Of The World".

Having seen the band in London on their recent tour, Brooklyn said, "I went to a JAWS gig and I fell in love with a song of theirs called “End Of The World”. It sparked an idea in me to make a music video for the guys - I met with Connor and the band to ask them if I could. They loved the idea that Louis and I came up with and before we knew it, we were shooting it. I had so much fun filming and co-directing this one, I would love to direct more videos in future.” Going on to talk about the video itself he says, “It’s a personal song for JAWS, so we did a recce down in Connor's hometown to pool our thoughts for it. We wanted to use karate kids because they have a meaningful connection to the band and it’s a theme that follows from the album artwork."