[ALBUM REVIEW] Friendly Fires - Inflorescent

Friendly Fires have been away for what seems like ages, however when they came back to London on the 5th of April last year it felt like they never left. They've still got the energy and drive like they had on the first two albums, and when “Love Like Waves” dropped that evening there was excitement in the crowd.

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Fast-forward to August of 2019 and their third album “Inflorescent” is out and it's their grooviest, bass laden, most danceable and exciting LP they've ever released, yes I've said it! You could easily mix all of the the tracks into a single track with some smooth transitions and bam, you have a DJ set ready to go.

It's so electronic yet also feels like they've not forgotten those guitars they used back in the early years, if there is ever a band to listen to that evolves and ages well then this is the band. Their latest album is such a thrilling listen, do yourself a favour and give it a play!

Friendly Fires - Inflorescent 
Out of 10: 8.5/10