BLVFF are already making waves this year and have already broken out from their scene onto the national stage, the band have been working hard finessing their tracks and today see's a brand new one. They return with "Crystal Ball", which is a shimmering slice of Dark-Pop laced with soaring guitars, festival sing-a-long worthy lyrics and a gorgeous video too.

The track - out August 2 - will be released via These Bloody Thieves Records known for their success with the likes of The Howlers, False Heads and Feral Family. The track has a certain feel to it, it's the band showing off their talents to the wider audience as if to say, here we are, we write big tunes and are ready for the big time.

Frontman Michael Mccan says "It’s an honour to be sharing the stage with internationally renowned names in our own backyard. It gives us a real sense of belonging. The Midlands scene is a real hot bed at the minute and to represent the Midlands at a festival like this only gives us the confidence to carry on and become a prominent name ourselves."

The single is out out so head on down below right now and fall in love with an amazing band and their equally spectacular single.