[FUTURE SOUNDS] Indigo / Courtyards / Subshine / Sail By Summer / James White

Welcome to FUTURE SOUNDS, the place where we collect some of the best tracks we've been sent over the past week, your one stop shop for unearthed artists, new music, and most importantly those small artists just starting out.

This week we feature -  Indigo / Courtyards / Subshine / Sail By Summer / James White

Indigo - Guadeloupe

Forming in London in 2017 the band have already released a rather tongue in cheek-titled EP called "Please Sign Us To Your Label" with positive reviews all about! There's something a little bit special about Indigo, be it the smooth tropical tinted guitars, festival ready or the great breakdowns that remind us of Tame Impala, one thing is for sure, they're making the music they want and it sounds bloody fantastic! Indigo are due to play three shows in London in the coming months - The Finsbury on 14th September, Nambucca on October 3rd and The Dublin Castle on November 14th - so be sure to check them out if you can!


Courtyards - Stay Up

Huddersfield's very own Courtyards have had a good first eight months of 2019, with the band even performing at the brilliant Kendal Calling music festival in the North of England. They've come to be one of the town's finest music outfits with their smooth transitions, catchy lyrics and driving choruses, their latest Alt-Rock anthem is "Stay Up", and it keeps true to what the band have been doing so far, and with a solid fanbase it won't be much longer until they breakout of their town and take over a scene near you! But before all of that, check out "Stay Up" below.

Subshine - Your Love (Summer Madness)

Fresh electronic pop from Bergen, Norway (the first of two acts this week from Norway) and this one is a dance friendly anthem. Ole is Subshine and he details this about the song "It's a song about revisiting love, just for the sake of love itself, no illusions, no promises. Summer Madness will dance you to the end of love." - something we can all relate to. And that's exactly what we love with music, how relatable it can be to each and every one of us. With a bassline that isn't afraid of having the volume turned up this really is an anthem waiting to be found by the masses. be sure to give him a like and follow on the socials, we've got a feeling this won't be a unknown anthem for much longer.


Sail By Summer
Sail By Summer - Low Low Low

There is no hiding it, Scandinavia hosts some of the best Indie-Pop acts in the whole world, and as soon as we found out that Sail By Summer was an Indie-Pop outfit from Bergen, Norway, we knew it would be great.  With the perfect amount of synths, processed drums and aired out vocals the duo really have crafted a delicate and dreamy indie-pop track to be proud of.  It's lifted off their latest album and the band clearly have their sights set on the big stages. So head on down below and check out "Low Low Low".


James White
James White - Citizen of Nowhere

James is one of those singer-songwriters who's had ups and downs, yet here he is with one of his finest tracks yet. The single is out now and has already achieved a #6 place in Amazon's MP3 chart, not bad for a boy from Saffron Walden. Head on down to check it out, we wouldn't blog about it if it's not worth your time! With a sell out show in Cambridge already under his belt - and yes, it was a belter of a show - be sure to follow James on his socials for more details of shows, including his European tour this month


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