Peter Whitaker shares his tender side on 'Erase' [IAI Premiere]

Maryland's Peter Whitaker is a modern-day indie-folk troubadour. Today, releasing the single and video for his latest, Erase, of which he directed - his ability to transport you into a pensive moment of introspection is second to none.

With a trendless and remarkably tender quality to his music that is often overlooked in the busy world of music, it's hard to believe he has just a mere five songs to his name. His dulcet tones wash over you with each passing cadence as he spins a yarn on lost love. Paired perfectly with the candidly shot video, you live vicariously in that moment - essential listening.
“Erase is about someone who you used to share a connection with, and now they are slowly removing you from their life. This feeling of fear that you will be completely erased from their life.”

Peter Whitaker online: