Hollywood Actress Odeya Rush Directs Funky Video for Harry Nathan's "Alright"

What does actor Odeya Rush and Harry Nathan have in common with a sandwich, a croissant and falling in love? Nothing and everything you might assume. The pair are teaming up again on their 3rd music video with "Alright", the result of a DIY, super low budget love story between a sandwich and a croissant.

Set amongst a dreamy lo-fi disco record, their new music video (which they made in Harry’s kitchen) is colorful, cheeky and entertaining, providing the perfect backdrop for Harry Nathan’s “Alright EP”, a neat little 2 track that follows his last release “To the Limit.”

The love story was a home-made effort that proved harder than the team had originally thought. Odeya says, "It started off with a simple idea to have Harry make a delicious sandwich. I pitched it as ‘something super easy to make.’ Though, as we got closer to shooting, the idea grew and I knew we couldn’t make something that didn’t excite or challenge us.”

The music video is a cheery, chromatic eye-catcher which delivers a vivid experience to fans and fits the dreamy, lo-fi ambiance of the song. Harry says, “We made it in my kitchen with our best mates, it was trickier than we thought and we had to learn a lot on the fly. Odeya was directing and shooting, with the rest of us choreographing disco balls and lasers; whilst working a marionette.”

 The atmosphere is unconventional and crowded, yet somehow, alleviating and charming.

This isn’t the team’s first collaboration – the two have worked side-by-side before, winning 24 independent short film awards worldwide for "Fool For Your Love" and "Rooftops", with 1M + streams and views to date. Together they took the gold with ‘Best Fantasy Film’ at the Los Angeles Film Awards, IMDB's Top Shorts (winner), ‘Best Music Video’ at the New York Film Awards, Sydney Short Film Festival, Best New Director and the ‘Gold Award’ (overall winner) at the Virgin Spring Cinefest. Talk about success– the dynamic duo has been featured in Office Mag, Billboard, W Magazine, BUST, Teen Vogue and more.

Odeya is making bold moves in her career, delivering a compelling performance in "Dumplin" (Netflix) alongside Jennifer Aniston and most recently finishing up a movie with Mary. J Blige.  The young actress has starred alongside Jeff Bridges, Meryl Streep, and Larry David, and played a critical character in Oscar-nominated "Lady Bird" directed by Greta Gerwig.  Harry Nathan is paving the way for a new sound in dreamy lo-fi pop with his musical project and his most recent debut EP Songs About Dreams About Her. On August 24 Harry competed for World Champion Whistler in Los Angeles and was a finalist. He, unfortunately, had to withdraw in the final round due to illness.