UK Singer-Songwriter Izzy Frances Soars on Dark-Pop Anthem

Izzy Frances launches her artist project with a powerful piece of Dark-Pop in the form of You Lost The War - For Izzy, the link between music and the mind has always been a point of fascination. From studying Neuroscience, she developed a keen understanding of how music can influence the subject's emotions.

Izzy's songwriting life started in her teens when she wrote her first piece of music. She soon found a therapeutic quality to writing music that came from putting life experiences to music, though her inspiration often comes from a number of different sources. The result of her hard work and inspiration is a brand new project that she's launching with lead single You Lost The War - Sure to hit well with fans of Florence & The Machine and Birdy, it's an emotive take on songwriter pop that's sure to make people take notice

YLTW was written by myself, Helen Boulding and Jonas Persson. It’s about getting back up when you've been pushed down, not letting the bad guys win and not letting them define who you are or how you live your life. I hope it helps people to feel empowered and remind them of their own strength. 

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