Get excited - Bombay Bicycle Club reveal new album tracklisting!

Bombay Bicycle Club have revealed the track list for their fifth LP - "Everything Has Gone Wrong". The new album was largely recorded in the US with producer John Congleton, and is their first since "So Long, See You Tomorrow" which came out in 2014!

The band said - "On Jan 17 2020, Everything Else Has Gone Wrong will go out into the world. After numerous attempts at it, we've finally hit upon a tracklisting. For those who pre-added on Apple or pre-ordered on iTunes we have good and slightly less good news: we've added a song to the album -- we'd originally thought it was only going to be ten songs -- since we first announced the release, which means all Apple pre-orders/pre-adds have been cancelled. You'll need to re-add/order the album if you use Apple Music or iTunes."