Boyanlevchev is back with the killer album ‘The Mist Opportunity’

Boyanlevchev’s shrewd writing and hip-hop prowess is here for all to see with his debut album The Mist Opportunity. Leading with Like A Fool Ft. BYFYN, it’s clear why he has been hailed for his ‘creamy adlibs’ by NOISEY, with the US based Bulgarian hailing artist producing his finest work yet. Check out the album below:

Influences for the album can be heard with the likes of Kanye West and André 3000 sticking in the mind. Discussing the lead single, Boyan explains:

"My mom really likes Like A Fool. When I made it, she gushed and insisted that I give it to Justin Bieber to perform it - I guess she thought it could be the new Despacito? Or perhaps she was hinting that I’m not a good enough singer for my own music… Well, I got my close friend and popping star BYFYN to tenderly lay some lush vocals on top, so the singing bit is covered. Now I just have to give Bieber a call, and get a billion views on YouTube.."