Saskia collaborates with Music For Mental Wealth on the stunning ballad 'For You'

With an already extensive catalogue of warm and wistful folk-inspired singles under her belt, stunning songstress Saskia Griffths-Moore now looks to deliver one of her most ambitious releases to date as she shares the video for her latest single ‘For You’.

Produced alongside Music For Mental Wealth and recorded inside studio 2 at the illustrious Abby Road studios, ‘For You’ sees the singer backed up by an extensive 40-person choir as well as a string quartet. Raising more than £8000 through crowdfunding, her latest offering captures that same magic we have seen from her throughout her career so far, but adding such a strong and emotional visual to the song lifts it far beyond what we have heard from her in the past and cements her as one of the UK’s most treasured talents.

Music For Mental Wealth aid in the prevention of mental health challenges in the music industry, working with companies and artists to support and empower them with the knowledge and tools to enjoy their careers and lives. You can find out more about their work at:

Watch the brilliant new video for ‘For You’ below.