Alysha unveils new single "Dreams"

With the slow beat approaching and giving off a chilled RnB feel it’s clear to see that the seventeen-year-old is continuing her laid back music with a serving of pop and this is exactly what is needed as we slide into winter.

Towards the end of the track you have the light guitar licks combined with Alysha’s vocals and it’s obvious as to why the London based artist is attracting so much attention online.  This track has a different feeling than her previous record ‘David Attenbourough’, which had a lot of different mixes involved. ‘Dreams’ is minimalistic, it’s one beat, one guitar, one set of vocals and it’s simple.

More music from Alysha is on its way as she prepares for her debut E.P release ‘Midnight Rendezvous’ and it’s exciting to see what the young talent can produce as the U.K RnB scene needs more of this and one thing is for sure, this song will be playing in people’s dreams.