Hazlett shares new tune, "Monsters"

As the slow electric guitar gently flows and smooth vocals fit perfectly together Hazlett is able to show that this track will be one emotional roller-coaster, are you ready for it?

Even when you get to the halfway point of the track where each stem starts to fade away a little lump is still left in the throat as the emotions run up and down with the Australian talking about how everyone is broken, even a little.  

Whether it’s from past trauma or just something like cheating, as it’s mentioned several times.  What makes this track so good is that the singer-songwriter is able to find the beauty in other people’s flaws whilst having the electric guitar and beautiful vocals feature prominently throughout the track.

Hazlett has knack of showing the beauty in life in previous tracks such as ‘Fireworks’ and this is something unique.  This is something that needs to be galloping into every house as showing off the dark parts of this life and turning it into beauty shows that not all of us are monsters.