Delanila releases new stunning track 'The Philsopher'

Delanila returns with The Philosopher, and thank god she has! The indie-rock feels have been missing whilst this talented artist has been away and now she is finally back.

Taken from the upcoming her stunning debut LP, Overloaded, the tracks are a mixture of smart guitar work, indie-rock rhythms and arpeggiated synth. The chorus drops out with swelling ocean eyed synth and luscious vocals.

One thing to admire is the production throughout the track, it's clear to see time was spent on honing in on the little details and making sure every little thing stood out, even to the people who didn't know Delanila's music.

To those who haven't listened to this incredible artist then you should know that she hails from a compositional background, Delanila has created music for the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Lincoln Centre and her debut album in which this single is taken plays with clever social narratives revolving around the need for technology. 

She is able to create her new single, but also work with so many different companies to create different narratives and help her skillset get bigger and better, this is someone you don't want to miss out on.

If you like what you're reading then click here to listen to the new track.