Latir releases new track "Blue Roses" featuring Calper

After months of teasing the track online, it's finally time for Latir's newest creation, 'Blue Roses' to be out there for the world and it's been worth the wait.

Recently, Latir felt personally challenged in ways in which he hadn’t been previously, challenged to pay attention to how and what he's been creating, challenged to face his own ego time and time again, challenged to really focus on the things that stir in his heart and to those around the artist who resonate with similar things, they challenged him to hone into the things that make him feel happy, and that's a beautiful thing.  For an artist like Latir, it's never been easy, it's always been a challenge, but he's made it work in his own, unique way. 

His unique style of lyrics, vocals and beats have made him become more and more popular, to a point where fans have been waiting for the new track and loving every minute of its release.  The dream-like vocals are something to remember as it can create a new feeling, a new feeling that makes you forget the world and what's happening.

Words from Latir about the new track:

"Blue Roses is a story of love & dismay, kind of like being handed flowers ironically drenched in melancholy."

If you like what you're reading then you can watch the new music video for it here.