Roussett release psychedelic debut EP ,"Orientation"

Roussett haverecetnly unveiled their spacey new EP, "Orientation", which is the first release from the North Carolina based outfit. The EP is a short but sweet affair with the opening track "We Might Just Do This All Day" being a really chilled out cut with some dreamy and hazed vocals with some gorgeous guitar tones draped on top of it, mix in some acoustic guitars here and there and it's a little bit psychedelic towards the end of the track.

The term 'space-lounge' has been thrown around with them before, and on the second and last track you can really hear why. "What We Want" sounds like it can soundtrack a rocket launch going into outer-space in the first minute. The fragile vocals are back here again but with less effects but still sounds just as spacey as the first track. Here however the band are more stripped back showcasing their tracks can sound just as beautiful with less going on.

Roussett have really pulled it out of the bag here, and with the tracks being written in the deep of Winter you've got this almost isolated vibe going on, which we're loving as currently it's snowing where I am at the time of writing. Scroll the heck down and check out this 2 track EP, if you've been into Tame Impala's latest work then this is for you!