Ruben releases a stunning visual to new single 'FYALMA'

After creating more and more conversations around surrounding anxiety and various mental health issues through his new single 'FYALMARuben Dawnson is definitely letting out his feelings about his experiences and showing that in the new music video.

The new indie-pop track is an anthem, an anthem towards feeling less lonely and being stronger in ourselves.  The feel of the track is inspiring with some calm vocals over the track to show that even if anxiety messes with everyday life, it can't do it forever.

When it comes to the music video, it blends the real life anxiety issues and the music and makes the hair on your body stand up, because it's real.  It's something that makes you realise your own issues and Dawnson has made a connection between his music, the video and his fans unlike any other artist.

Dawnson has always wanted to reach as many people as possible and it's clear that he loves being as honest as he possible can so he can help people, even if it is to help make people feel less lonely.

This is a track to remember, if you like what you're reading then you can watch the music video here, you can listen on Spotify here and on Soundcloud here.