Six to Fix's latest single "When The Night Is Over" is here!

Valencia is not just the home of an awesome football team, but they're home to Six To Fix - and the band have recently released their charging new track, "When The Night's Over".

The tune was produced by Julian Emery who's worked with equally anthemic band such as Nothing But Thieves, and was mixed by Adam Noble who's worked with Biffy Clyro. With those two bands in mind you can hear a correlation between them both, delightful guitars, captivating lyrics and vocals that you can'y help but see their fans chanting back in a venue. The track has anthem written all over it!

Speaking about the track the band say - " ... "When The Night Is Over" talks about personal growth and optimism, as it’s shown in the video, where you can see a couple with ups and downs"

Be sure to give this track a love as it's one we've found ourselves playing over and over again this week, and go give them a like and a follow on the socials!