The Gallerys share rip-roaring new anthem, "You're A Dreamer"

The Gallery's have shared their rip-roaring new anthem, "You're A Dreamer", with the track not hanging about with it going right in to the fast paced drumbeat and furious guitars from the get go.

It's very 90's Britpop mixed in with some 00's Indie-Rock sensibilities, laden with harmonious vocals and passionate lyrics. It's no wonder The Gallery's have played alongside the likes of The Rifles, Madness and The Bluetones, their sound really encapsulates all of those three bands rather well.

They've had a lot of love from their local BBC Radio station down in Kent, and have had love given to them by Fred Perry Subculture too. It won't be long until more people know about them, so why not head on down below and check out "You're A Dreamer".

With two tours already under their belts and having played to over 10,000 people so far it honestly won't be long now for The Gallerys