The Mercy Stone release powerful new track 'Here and There'

The Mercy Stone release powerful new track 'Here and There'

After showcasing the weird, but wonderful influences in the band's pioneering music from the likes of Lana Del Rey, Vampire Weekend and more, The Mercy Stone’s is a blend of popular culture and more traditionally-focussed methods of writing and composition. With lead vocals coming from Sorell, aged just 16, it’s clear that The Mercy Stone has talent of all ages within its ranks.

Created with intriguing melodies and gentle guitars, Here and There, blends genres sat within pop, folk and electronica - but none of that really matters. The Mercy Stone’s music doesn't need to be wrapped up in genre definitions.

The music has left audiences wanting more and this is just a glimpse of what the band can do. The fresh band was founded by composer and guitarist Scott Grady in 2016, the last four years for The Mercy Stone have resulted in tight grooves, catchy vocals and a landmark first album titled ‘Ghettoblaster’ back in 2017.

The 2019 album ‘Above The Towers’ received an amazing response, but can the band’s latest release be just as mesmerising? Keep in mind, that this is only the first track from their highly anticipated upcoming LP.

If this is the first track from the upcoming album, then strap in and hold on tight as this is going to be a ride you won't want to get off. If you like what you're reading then you can listen here.