Alex Arcoleo releases fresh low tempo Angel E.P // March 13th, 2020

Revelling in an impressive electronic soundscape with a
cinematic appeal, Alex Arcoleo’s new EP Angel oozes
a meticulous eye for detail. From this sophisticated
display, it’s clear to see why Alex Arcoleo is a sought after
producer and creative.

Alex Arcoleo is a perfectionist who has been refining an
array of electronica music since 2016. Within his debut
body of work, Shadowtalk, Alex delivered solid progressive
heaters that quickly led to substantial Spotify Streams.
Arguably, Alex is most known for his expansive remix
of Alan Walker’s remix that’s garnered over ten million streams. 

On top of this, the South London based producer has
been featured on Radio 3 for collaborations with Isobel
Adderley and IIRIS. In his career so far, Alex Arcoleo
has delivered a steady flow of dynamic work that’s proudly
influenced by key tastemakers: Floating Points, Caribou
and Fourtet.

Angel marks the third EP for this talented 26-year-old.
Alex Arcoleo has ensured that each track emulates a
smooth sense of serenity, whilst boasting a multi-faceted
musical personality. What holds the four tracks together is
found within the delicately placed percussion and lashings
of gracefully led melody at their core.

Check out the EP, here.