Eades drop funky new track "Saying Forever"

We all know of Leeds, through usually Football or music, and today we've got a brand new track from an exciting quartet that are slowly but surely emerging. Eades' new track "Saying Forever" is a real disco-rock jam with hints of The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys and even a bit of surf vibes thrown in to give it some brightness. The track sounds like it'll be a right belter in a tightly packed music venue, sweaty people everywhere grooving to the thick as jelly basslines, smooth vocals and angular guitar hooks that are just laced all over the track

Speaking about the track, lead vocalist Harry said - " Coming out of uni we were all going through a lot of anxiety about our futures, particularly in music. And I know I was getting myself caught up in the pretty self destructive lifestyle I often find myself in during low times. I think the vibe of this track has captured what was going on in my head pretty well having the fun instrumental bouncing of the more stress stricken vocal delivery."

Eades are definetly going to be breaking out of the Leeds scene soon, and after their demo - "I Can't Sleep" - getting them some attention last year, there's already whispers of a new guitar band to get excited about from this fair Yorkshire city.