Jamie Johnson reveals intimate new song "Old Friend"

Jamie Johnson has recently revealed his rather intimate new song, "Old Friend". The London based singer-songwriter is a rising talent in the capital after securing praise from Phil Taggart of BBC Radio 1 and Tom Robinson of BBC 6 Music, and after hearing this new offering I can see why.

His warm vocal tones, stripped back approach and bare bone beauty is one to behold, the track itself is about two friends meeting after spending years apart. That one 'old friend' that when you meet again you feel like you last met yesterday, with the Johnson painting a beautiful picture for you to imagine in your head when you're listening to it.

Speaking about his new single, Jamie said - " ... "Old Friend" describes a time that I bumped into a friend from school on the train back home from London. We had a brief conversation and it really struck me how different this person's life was to mine, even though we had grown up in the same town. With the lyrics I wanted to try and touch on some of the feelings I felt when I first moved away, and talk about how living in a different city can change someone over time."

"Old Friend" is a masterclass of how a singer-songwriter can create a track so stunning and yet so simplistic that you can easily close your eyes and visualise everything. Jamie Johnson is indeed one of the rising singer-songwriters in London, and if you're ever in the capital be sure to see if he's performing as we'd love to see this track played live in all it's majesty.