Juliet July releases music video for new track 'Easy'

After the cinematic bars have risen and the vocals slowly, but surely rise up, it's clear to see that Juliet has created something beautiful.

The all-round talent from Amsterdam, who works in various creative fields from making music, acting and working as an international model, is singing her heart out whilst surrounded by beaches and jungles.

A lot of her inspiration is from traveling, which she translates into her lyrics and concepts for music videos, which is why the stunning visuals are something to admire. Performing has always been a key factor in Juliet's life. During high school, Juliet she played in several musicals and plays.

She's far away from doing plays now as 'Easy' is something calm and chilled, which matches the music video and the R'n'B/Soul inspiration that has been throughout Juliet's life is clear to see in the video.

If you like what you're reading then you can click here to watch the new music video.