Parallax Skies share dreamy new track "By The Time"

Out on the day of writing - so you know this is as fresh as it gets - Parallax Skies have released their dreamy new track "By The Time". The Newcastle-upon-Tyne based band last year played one of their biggest shows to date at Hit The North festival in Newcastle, and after the performance the band gained a new following thanks to their 80's influenced sound and energetic show.

The new track "By The Time" really hits home on their influences and showcases how mellow the band can be but not forgetting about where they came from, as you can hear a bit of a Geordie accent in there. Comparisons can be drawn against Manic Street Preachers with the vocals and Echo and the Bunnymen for the instrumentation which is a great combination!

This new single is the first offering from Parallax Skies in 2020 and is a great step forwards after their much praised 2019 single "Blood & Bones". The only way with this new track, and if they craft more tunes like this they won't be just a local band, they'll be on the big stages! So head on down below and check out "By The Time" now!