Ryan Waite reveals latest track, "Turn a Light On"

Ryan Waite, who hails from Salt Lake City in the USA has revealed his latest track, "Turn a Light On", which is a heart pumping anthem in the waiting. The song is written for those people who want to take that leap, to do something that you know you need to, but could be difficult to actually achieve.

Ryan says - "This song is a push for listeners that are struggling to make the leap to search something out that is uncomfortable, as I did when I was leaving Mormonism. Whether it be the history of one's religion or a political party that they currently support. To "turn a light on" means to step outside your comfort zone and gain perspective and enlightenment"

The track was released on the 18th of March and has since gone on to get him some fans over in Brazil (according to Spotify), and you can really hear why. Smooth basslines, pop sensibilities in the bridges and choruses with meaningful lyrics - what's not to love! So head on down below and check out Ryan Waite's brand new offering