Split The Dealer and Deva St John collaborate to release new track 'XV'

Reading based artist Split The Dealer (Sam Brett) releases the emotionally candid single “XV”.

Working alongside long term partner Skye Bennett (Deva St John), the pair emphatically portray the difficulties of managing and maintaining a healthy romantic relationship. As the gentle guitar melodies build into a climatic frenzy, the track enters its furious conclusion as their passion and love for one another becomes abundantly clear amongst the chaos.

“‘XV’ was written from a personal experience about our relationship” Sam offers. “We've been together for nine years, and I wrote this when we were going through some really tough times about three years in”.

Growing up listening to contemporary rock bands such as System of a Down and Breaking Benjamin, Sams’ influences also span into old school hip-hop and the idiosyncrasy of the UK grime scene, whereas Skye found inspiration from classic and alt-rock groups, from Aerosmith to Beck. With these rich array of influences flooding into his work, Sam is able to pull threads from his musical inspirations to curate a rich tapestry of his own. 

XV” is an honest glimpse into the difficulties you can face in a long-term relationship, and how love can see you through to the other side.

“We met over Facebook - as many millennial teenagers do - after noticing we each shared an interest in music, and a lot of mutual friends” Skye continues. “Fast-forward to January 15th 2011, and Sam asked if I'd be his girlfriend. Like any relationship, it's been rewarding and challenging, but we stuck at it and have never been happier. Sam also began music at 15, which was another big circumstance where the number 15 cropped up. It's always been a pretty significant number. Hence, ‘XV’!”

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