All The Presidents Men reveal funky new track, "Don't Give Up On Us Now"

All The Presidents Men reveal new funky tune, "Don't Give Up On Us Now", which is the first piece of new work since the trio released their debut album - "New to the Neighbourhood" - back in 2018. Based in London All The President́s Men are built around the soulful vocals of their frontman and lead singer, Paul David Betts. This track also marks the point of where they start the push with their second album "No Division".

The track has plenty going for it, from the Funk-Rock guitar vibes, to the feeling that they've been influenced by the likes of Chic and Nile Rogers and to some degree The Police. The track is heavily influenced by the 1970's and 80's, with is having some gorgeous Jazzy edges, especially when the brass of the Saxophone comes in, we just love a horn section in pieces of music.

With some great elements in "Don't Give Up On Us Now" it sounds like they're gearing up for a big year ahead of the release of their second album. So head on down below and check it out.