Alma Grace​ releases her anthemic new tune "You Are Here" today!

Alma Grace​ has today (April 3rd 2020) released her anthemic new tune "You Are Here", it's the second piece of work from the American in 2020 since her debut track "Adios Maria" dropped back in January.

The track is a short one in under 3 minutes long but it's packed with punch and bite. A gentle piano and panpipes open up the track before Alma's gorgeous vocals come in with some electronics following. The bridge just builds in more atmosphere right before the blinding chorus beckons. If you're a fan of Halsey then Alma Grace would be one for you, as her vocals are on apr with the songstress.

Speaking about her new single Alma said - "I was working in the U.S. Senate at the age of 17, got into a top college, and realised that I was always anxious and rarely happy. I decided to take time off from school to focus on my music, and wrote ‘You Are Here’ a couple of months in. It’s about letting your hair down, giving yourself time to breathe, and living in the moment."

It's a brilliant and uplifting anthem that more people need to hear, even though it's out today we feel that it's about to set the world alight - so be sure to give Alma Grace a follow on the socials, and don't forget to love her track in Spotify too!