Cody Feechan reveals stunning new single "Free Falling"

Cody Feechan has recently revealed her stunning new single "Free Falling". This is the latest song to come from the winner of the 'Home Grown Talent' at the Kingdom FM Local Hero Awards 2019. The single is Cody Feechan's first release this year after the release of her 2019 single "Better Days", and with a devoted fanbase this new offering is set to be well received single too.

The single is just going to be building on the success and momentum Feechan has got over the last twelve months. With some delightful guitar tones and a slight brit-pop vibe with the acoustic guitar, somewhat reminding me of Noel Gallagher lead Oasis tracks. The single is one that you can fall in love with from the off.

Talking about her new single Cody says "I wrote "Free Falling" about a year ago, and it’s a song that is quite personal to me for a few different reasons: for one it’s actually about addiction and tells the story of someone who is going through the experience of being an addict. I remember taking the song to the band once I’d finished writing it and together, we developed it into something pretty big".

Be sure to add the track into your playlists and follow Cody Feechan on the socials, after hearing this new single I think her fanbase will just keep on growing!