Duchess delivers storming new single "Close"

London based singer-songwriter Duchess has recently released her storming new single "Close". So far Duchess has comfortably got over half a million plays on Spotify with over 44k unique monthly listeners so you know from the off that people absolutely love her tunes, and "Close" is yet another track that will be raking in the plays.

The song is a classic pop song with the instrumentation and melodies, reminding me of peak 90's pop, with the track having some smooth production to round it all off. All the while not forgetting about her epic vocals that make you yearn to want more.

The song is now quite sentimental considering the uncertainty of where we find ourselves, a period of self-isolation, with the song feeling like you're having one massive hug.Speaking about the new single Duchess says  - "I wanted to represent a connection that is so deep that being close isn't close enough! I'm hoping people will listen to my track and enjoy a moment of closeness with loved ones. Especially during this unpredictable time where the world must unite and remain safe at home, missing our loved ones."

"Close" marks the first track from the singer-songwriter in 2020, and from the sounds of it this will not be the last time we'd be listening to her wholesome songs. She's got a fantastic producer behind her, and with her talent mixed in Duchess could be everywhere with the right tune, and "Close" could be it, so keep an eye on her.

Be sure to follow her on the socials and put "Close" into your playlists - you'd be crazy not to.