Empty Banks shares his captivating new single "Objective Views"

Empty Banks last week shared his captivating new single "Objective Views", and is the second single released by the Kansas City born singer-songwriter, however in the past few months he has relocated to Paris in France.

In his new single, "Objective Views", there are lots of nods towards the likes of David Bowie with the instrumentation and other music from the 1980's. Laden with wistful vocals with lots of licks of piano keys and atmospheric guitars there's a lot here to love and Empty Banks has really nailed this track on the head here.

With Empty Banks busking in the streets for a few years and living a rather nomadic life, with him not settling anywhere for more than a year has seen him gain lots of experience and an abundance of influences in his music. Which has tremendously helped him craft this captivating new track, so head on down below and check out "Objective Views"