Fossway share blinding new cut, "Grey Cloud"

Last time we reviewed one of Fossway's tracks we finished off the review by saying - "Expect to hear more from this outrageously talented band this year, as it sounds like they’re onto a winner here!" - and I tell you what, when we knew their latest track "Grey Cloud" was out we had to check it out, would be rude not to.

So with their first track out in 2020 the trio are once again pushing themselves with their tunes, with even more sweet vocal melodies in "Grey Cloud" than their previous work, with some great build-ups and breakdowns the outfit have once again crafted a track we can smash the replay button with and crank the volume up way past the 100% barrier, this tune is designed to be played loud.

Discussing the inspiration behind the song, Daniel reveals: " ... "Grey Cloud stems from feelings
of someone being detached from their own body. In my case I experienced this due to stress
and anxiety to the point of genuinely feeling as if my body was not my own and was not
‘me’. In broader terms, there is the theme of social alienation: feeling that you don’t fit in
and that others don’t understand you".

With the band sharing the bill in 2019 alongside the likes of Peter Hook & The Light, We Are Scientists and False Advertising, the trio are looking to build on their success and push on with more quality tunes. So head on below to check it out.