Goldenbloom share punky new track "(Great) Britain"

Goldenbloom have recently shared their punky new track "(Great) Britain". The quartet hails from the East of London, of which has a vibrant punk scene and an even stronger indie movement, perfect for these upstarts. The track is a tongue-in-cheek commentary about the sate of the politics in the UK at the moment, and failed promises of taking the country to the 'good old days' with the knowing that it's not actually getting better.

It's just over three minutes of fuzzy, angry vocals with some strong comparisons to IDLES, Slaves and even to Blood Red Shoes with the guitar tones and the rampant non-stop drums that fill every second of the raw and punchy cut. It's a complete 'Do It Yourself' job with the band recording and producing this solid number all on their own. With the band grinding out songs in the home studio of their guitarist's (Will) in North West London.

Will of the band said in a statement in the press release - "I can not wait for this pandemic to be over so we can get out and play a load of loud summer shows!" - And we can't wait to see them perform once this is all over, they really do sound like one of the few bands that are on the cusp of something at the moment.