Laertis shares new track "Just U"

London based singer-songwriter Laertis has recently shared his fantastic new track "Just U". Laertis was originally born and raised in a suburb of Athens called Metamorfosi, having now relocated to London, my music background benefits from Western and Eastern influences -giving his music a distinctive sound.

His new track is cinematic and almost orchestral, with glorious vocal melodies that remind me of Hozier when he first started releasing music. "Just U" has the perfect amount traditional Greek with Jazz and Blues influences giving it a very unique twist, you wouldn't see Laertis out of place on the stages of The Cambridge Folk Festival.

With some gorgeous horn sections in the track too it gives it even more layers to delve into, which means you'll end up listening to this multiple times, and every time you give it a play you'll find something else to fall in love with. So be sure to follow him on the socials and Spotify, with music such as this you can't help but love the track from the get go.