Mortimer Jackson returns with new single, "Feel The Roar"

We last heard Mortimer Jackson back in August 2019 with his tune "Revelation", the singer-songwriter is back and yesterday he released his latest swagger filled cut "Feel The Roar".

The single is the first from the London based musician and it's here for him to make yet another big mark on the music scene. With praise from BBC Radio Wales already in the bag, Mortimer has played the Pilton Party (organised by Michael Eavis of Glastonbury fame) supporting The Lightning Seeds and Gomez, and even went on to perform at Glastonbury Festival itself the following year due to his solid performance.

The new track, that's why we're here - so what makes it so good I hear you ask? Well, it's a brilliant blend of The Specials mixed in with some Brit-Pop vibes, the horns and slow basslines are very Ska but if you add in his dominating vocals then you'd be forgiven if you think you've been taken back in time to peak 90's. There's something about Mortimer Jackson's music that get's all all nostalgic, the verses are the real highlights here with the wallowing guitars, horns and gorgeous licks of electronics that flow throughout the tune.

So head the heck down and check out "Feel The Roar" and get all hazy, nostalgic and psychedelic - we definitely wanna hear more from him, and we feel like you do too, so head over to Spotify and sink your teeth into it, and while you're there be sure to give him a follow so you're up to date with his new tunes when they drop.