Philippine unveils her debut single, "Gone"

Philippine earlier on this month unveiled her debut single, "Gone", which is also the first track to be lifted from her forthcoming debut EP. The singer-songwriter hails from Rotterdam in The Netherlands and is a big fan of country music, which when we delve into the track you can hear where she get's some of her influence from.

The single starts off with some gorgeous and almost haunting vocal melodies with acoustic guitar as it's backing, her vocals remind us of a blend between Kacey Musgraves and Lucy Rose. Sweet yet fragile at the same time the track progresses and builds with the chorus taking more of a folk-pop vibe with some drums also being added. With the sheer nature of the track being stripped back like this you can hear her vocals at their best with the melodies providing you with more wonderment.

If her debut single is like this god knows how good her debut EP will be, with catchy hooks and an amazing vocal performance we know we will be revisiting Philippine's music again when she's got more out. So be sure to follow her on the socials like we've done and playlist the song in Spotify and ride the first wave of hype with her, shes going places that's for sure.