The Jamóns share new track "Jennifer Lawrence of Arabia"

It's been around a week since we had The Jamóns on the website, and since we first published the article it looks like a lot of people are loving their sounds. The Californian band are once again showing how infectious their music can be, fast off the release of their previous track "Mommy Long Legs" we thought this could be overkill, but were we wrong!

Once again there is plenty of funk and ska for everyone to hear, with The Specials and Madness coming to mind when you hear the guitar tones, late 80's sounding vocals that get you from the off and a bassline that you can't help but pump your foot to.

The Jamóns have done it once again, if they keep on releasing tunes like this then they won't just be a local band, but known worldwide - so be sure to follow them on the socials asap!