Blaydek shares expansive new track "Don't You Have A Thing Now?"

London based solo artist BLAYDEK has recently shared his expansive new track "Don't You Have A Thing Now?", it's his second release since his debut 2019 effort "Confession", since then he's released a double AA single "Moon"/"Anything".

Having grown up in Birmingham - now home to some of the finest indie-pop bands in the UK - but now based out of London.

The new single has massive surf-rock vibes with plenty of hazy vocals and sun-kissed guitar tones. Known to his friends as Chris Blaydes, Blaydek's own take on the bedroom-pop genre is a wonderful turn from the norm, with some psychedelic nods draped on top of the guitars too to give it more body.

The breakdown in the final stretch is pure wonder, as you can hear the bare bones of his craft, that sublime guitar tone wallowing away, simple basslines and even more simplistic drum patterns.

Blaydek here has created a track that you can re-visit time after time and yet still find fresh to your ears, it's a delightful slice of Indie-Pop crossed over with the hazy lo-fi bedroom sounds you hear on the first half of the track. With a total of just four songs currently out on Spotify be sure to check them all out and follow him, as with tracks this brilliant from the 'early days' I'm sure his next few tracks will raise the bar even more.