Ed Prosek shares his upbeat new single "Make It Easy"

Ed Prosek has recently shared his upbeat new single "Make It Easy", which is his second of 2020 following on from his well received single "Mercy". Having well over 30 million streams on Spotify, Ed has slowly been one of those artists on the platform that you need to follow as his tunes seem to blow up very quickly from release.

This new tune has been out for just over two weeks and has already been doing bits, and no wonder why. With some smooth production, delightful clicks and some electronic drums mixed in with the sunshine laced vocals. I can see this being his next big tune. With some highly relatable lyrics such as " ... cause I need you like a drug, and I'm longing for your touch, maybe I'm a hopeless cause, but I can't get enough".

Speaking about the new tune Ed says - "My life has honestly been really nice lately, I’m deeply in love, I got a dog who makes me endlessly happy and apart from a global pandemic wreaking havoc across the world, things seem pretty great at the moment and I wanted this song to reflect that."

With well over 75k followers on Spotify it really won't be long before the masses all over the world will be listening to his tunes day in day out, and being booked for those big festival tents! So head the heck down and check out the visual for the single and DO NOT FORGET to follow him on Spotify for new content when it drops.