JUNO release debut single, "Sleepwalker"

Bursting out of Wollongong in New South Wales, Australia, JUNO have today released their debut single, "Sleepwalker". The outfit are two friends, Tama J. (Vocals/Producer) and Haydn Martin (Keyboard/Producer), and between them it sounds like they're onto a winner.

Having met at the University of Wollongong while both studying Creative Arts they initially were in separate acts, with Tama being a member of a band and Haydn was their producer. Having grown closer with their mutual affection of The Chain Gang of 1974, The Midnight, Neon Indian, The Weeknd, Joji and Tame Impala JUNO was born.

Even though this was released earlier on today, we've listened to it a few times beforehand and from the get go we knew we'd be a fan of this. From the cassette player sounds, distorted vocals and 80's style drum hi hats starting the track off it never gets anything less than vibrant.

"Sleepwalker" has some dreamy electro-pop sounds reminding us of early Mansionair tracks, with whooshing synths and great vocal hooks a-plenty, the duo are certainly trying to get a lot of fans from the early stages.

JUNO is one of those rare breeds, a band that have created an amazing track to showcase their talent with. They're nothing short of amazing and if they keep this trend up they could quite quickly be one of the hottest electronic-pop bands to come out of Australia since San Cisco, so keep an eye out on their socials, it won't be long until Triple J pick up on this fantastic duo.