Apex deliver summer ready new single "FALLING"

Bursting out from St. Albans the quintet of Apex have delivered a summer ready anthem in the form of their brand new single "FALLING", which is their second release of the year following on from their equally shimmering tune "CITY GIRLS".

The band's most recent show has been far away from home, seeing them play at Brixton Jam supporting Alexis Kings, with loads more love being thrown their way via Danny Fullbrook at BBC 3 Counties Radio (one of the biggest local BBC stations for you non-Brits).

The band formed in St. Albans as a trio but have since expanded to a five piece which has helped loads as it give's the outfit more atmosphere, as heard in "FALLING". The intro to the new single is very surf-esque, with the swash of a beach welcoming you into the track before it gives way to some delightful guitar tones and smooth sing-along ready vocals from lead vocalist Chris.

The band as a whole have influences ranging from bands of the past decade, with Peace, Arctic Monkeys and Foals instrumentally giving them their sound. and you can really hear that on their four tracks they have released at the moment. Especially on "FALLING" there is a big Peace vibe with the guitar tones, with the swagger of Arctic Monkeys added for extra oomph.

On "FALLING" there are a multiple of guitars and bass layered up that helps create this track into a heavily textured indie-rock gem for the modern age. It's got a fantastic breakdown in the latter third with this arguably being the band at their very best, and if they keep on making songs such as this then they'll be known all up and down the British Isles.

Having been based in one of THE BEST towns in the UK for touring bands - The Horn in St. Albans - it really isn't a surprise that they've had a fantastic intro to great bands, and by the sounds of it they're going that way too, so head on down below and check out Apex before they start selling venues out.