Before Me step-up their game with soaring new cut "Can You Feel"

We've written about the trio from Leeds and Cheltenham before, and "Can You Feel" follows on from their single "Before Me" which we reviewed back in May, but now the track is fully out there as it's a part of a bigger narrative, their debut EP "Do You Feel", which essentially is a collection of the band's best four songs to date.

Before Me have since also gone on to get praise from Independent Music News since we wrote about them and also from other outlets, a sign that their music is starting to snowball them up into stardom.

Right, so the new track eh! It's more of a laid back and melodic track right out of the start, reminiscent of an acoustic Bring Me The Horizon deep cut, but the three lads have not forgotten about their roots here with the punk-rock drums, soaring guitars and captivating vocals.

There never is anything wrong with a band shifting their style up a bit, especially for an EP release, it's more of a celebration of how diverse the band can be, and here Before Me have shown us what else they can achieve.

Speaking about the new track the trio said - "As three best mates we strive to not only write music that we love, but push the boundaries of creative expression. The music we write details our observations and experiences of the world that surrounds us as we transition into adulthood, juxtaposed with personal, emotive stories relatable to our audience."

The band just love pushing themselves, and with this new track and the wider collection of songs on their debut EP it looks like (and sounds like) they're onto something far far bigger. We feel like if a label such as LAB Records or Killing Moon come in then these three mates can be one of the best rock bands in the country (let alone in Leeds). So delve down below and listen to "Can You Feel" right now before the hype!