Benjamino drops atmospheric new single "Clutching At Shadows"

There's something with Australian singer-songwriters as of late being absolutely quality, Tash Sultana is the biggest artist to break out of the country in past years, and by the sounds of it Banjamino is next in line. Here we have Benjamino's atmospheric new single "Clutching At Shadows" which has been out for less than a week (at time of writing).

The new single is the Australian's first release since his 2019 single "Big Things To Come", and considering this is the next single, big things have indeed come into our lives, this tune. The new song will also act as the first offering of his debut EP, titled "Open Up The Vault".

"Clutching At Shadows" is a funky slice of pop music with enough jazz elements to be considered to be a Jazz/Pop anthem for the modern ages - basically the Aussie version of Mark Ronson without the weird British accent.

His vocals are the strongest thing on the track with them shining out like a beacon, making you focus your ears more and more on them as the single goes on. This doesn't mean the instrumentation is dreadful, far from that - it's a fantastic example of what a solo artist can do if they don't have any outside influence. It's laced in atmospheric horns, smooth guitar hooks and a solid backline of bass and all sorts of percussion.

With his live shows consisting of a 7-piece outfit he's got opening slots for acts such as Fletcher Gull and Petiguana already done, and with tracks such as "Clutching At Shadows" being released be sure to keep an eye out as we feel like Benjamino will be all over Triple J in the forthcoming months. There's something really exciting about what we hear, and we can not wait for more - we've followed him on the socials and you should do too, Benjamino is one of the finest under the radar Australian singer-songwriters out there!