Check out Divebar Youth's fantastic debut release "Obsess"

This fantastic track from Australia's Divebar Youth is also the artist's debut, and it has already gone onto receive airplay on major Australian radio The single from the Adelaide musician was actually released back in late 2019, and has recently found it's way into our inbox of smash this, but none the less the track sounds as fresh as anything, maybe because it's timeless classic in the waiting.

"Obsess" has some strong 1990's vibe to it with the riffs resembling that of California's very own Red Hot Chilli Peppers, crunching choruses that sounds like Feeder at their best along with some crunching basslines that just dominate your eardrums when you crank it up - and you will crank it up.

The funky guitar sounds in the verses are just sublime and shimmers all the way through as you're taken from where ever you are into a summery disposition, the horns towards the end are a nice touch - and yes, we are suckers for a horn section.

"Obsess" is as smooth as a vanilla milkshake, fresh as a strawberry and tastes just as good too. Remember everyone, this is their DEBUT RELEASE - they already have a follow-up single "Carbon Dioxide" out now so feel free to his that single up too. Known to his friends as Vinnie Barbaro he is going the way that all major songwriters are going these days, using a moniker and creating some fantastic tunes that will certainly get it's way into your heart.

Be sure to follow Divebar Youth as the tunes he has out already are phenomenal, and the follow-ups are going to be just as amazing. You can catch a glimpse of "Obsess" below via Spotify now. If you like the snippet then you'll love the full single.