Daniel John reveals new single "Pixel Queens"

Cominf right out of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania in the USA, Daniel John has recently revealed his folk laced new single "Pixel Queens". In the past year he has released his debut album, "Velvet Shedding", but since then he has been working hard with penning new material, and one of the songs in the sessions after the album ended up being "Pixel Queens", the first single since his 2019 effort "White as Snow".

The song is one of Daniel's finest pieces of art as the folk laced song has some twists and turns for the listener, such as the wallowing psychedelic guitars, wooden instrumentation in the bridges as well as a sonic soundscape in the final third that gives it even more atmosphere.

Speaking about the song Daniel John says - "I wrote the song a while back while feeling disconnected from the dating scene. With the rise of social media and dating apps it became alarmingly easy to engage with people in intimate ways. Someone I had just started talking to would perceive me to be a certain way or assume I would want something I wasn't necessarily after."

There is something quite tender and honest about "Pixel Queens", maybe it's a relatable story that many people can draw comparisons against - such as me - but the track doesn't stray too far away from amazing. With some lovely lyrics and vocals to the sweet guitar tones, Daniel John has created a track you can revisit over and over again without ever getting bored of it, just listen to it!