KIA shares emotional new track "Worth It"

KIA has recently shared her emotional new track "Worth It", which is her second release of 2020 following on from her single "Pioneer".

KIA is currently based out of the sunshine city that is Los Angeles, California in the USA and is a track where she's open and honest, it's all about self-reflection and empowerment which is even more important than ever now.

The Dutch/Indonesian singer-songwriter has some raw and yet soft vocals which you warm up to right from the first word being sung. The instrumentation of the track is mainly folk based guitars with enough electro-pop backing added for good measure so it's got that radio friendly feel. Much like her heritage she has combined a few genres to make this song what it is, making it almost hypnotic when the chorus gets going.

She's had lots of songs written and recorded for several productions all over the world from Japan, Germany and here in the UK. She recently become a finalist at the IMSTA songwriting competition, a semi-finalist at the International Songwriting Competition (ISC), so it just shows that other people are finding her music and songwriting skills brilliant too!

There's much to take away from this track, from the delicate guitars to the pulsating electro based backing track to her vocals that shine above it all. KIA currently only has 6 tracks on Spotify meaning she's still in the early days of releasing music, so be sure to give her a follow as after hearing this we're tipping her for great things. SO go listen to "Worth It" now before it's a viral phenomenon.