Leisure Theory drop new single "Bend And Break"

Manchester based Leisure Theory has recently dropped his soaring new single "Bend And Break", which is lifted from his second EP - "Deliverance" - which is due for release in the Summer of 2020. This marks the first studio release since his 2019 single "Subjects".

There is something special about bands and projects that come out from Manchester, I guess that's why so many bands who come out from the city go on to be legends of the UK music scene, Oasis, The Smiths and The Stone Roses are just a few (of course technically Take That too, but I digress).

The new single was born out of the time he had due to the lockdown because of Covid-19, having spent most of it's time as a demo he took his producer, Manchester based  Karl Kiegler, who added a polished indie pop finish to the track.

Speaking about the new single he says - " ... "Bend and Break is a song about facing your insecurities as time passes and you grow older. It's about embracing the feeling of being awkward and trying your best not to care about what people think, despite what you think of yourself" 

The new offering from Leisure Theory (or Jake Smith as he's known to his friends) is a track that sounds like it's been written for those hazy smoke filled festival tents at 2am. It's got a massive amount of atmosphere, wooden clicks, dreamy guitars that soar throughout the track and vocal lines that you can't help but sing back.

With this new song giving us a fantastic introduction to Leisure Theory, we're already craving his forthcoming EP - if it's anything like this then he could be on a lot of people's lips come release the release date. SO give him a follow on the socials and share the love.