M60 release summer ready tune, "18"

The M60 is a motorway ring surrounding Manchester, also from Manchester is the band called M60 - the band have recently released their brilliant new single "18", which is their first studio release since 2019's "Believe Me".

The band formed back in 2015 and since then have accumulated well over half a million plays on Spotify - pretty damn good for an unsigned band if you ask me, and this sound sounds like it's going to just increase the numbers even more.

The quartet sing in their local Manchester accents, similar to that of The Courteeners and have a sound not too distant from that of Liam Fray's band, Oasis and Catfish and the Bottlemen. With some dreamy guitars and brutally honest lyrics the band have really found a niche here and have captured my attention from the first few seconds.

Speaking about the track the band say - " ... "18" aims to capture the energy and feelgood factor that consumed the UK during the summer of 2018 - in particular during the period of great weather when the whole country seemed to come together during the world cup" - and what a summer it was!

With the band already getting praise on their local scene as well as being a long listed artist selected for the Glastonbury Emerging Talents competition there is something here. So be sure to follow the band on their socials and Spotify, they can blow up at any second with songs like "18".